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How to brainwash a so-called ‘science-denier’

Published by the American Thinker Written by Robert Arvay Scientific American Magazine was at one time an informative and objective publication.  But in recent times, it has begun turning into a leftist rag, part of the trend toward politicizing science.  Here is the latest example. In a remarkable article, published online, a professor at Ohio… Read more »

SO EFFIN WRONG! Major Dem Donor Slams Party Attacks On Wealthy, Threatens To Stop Giving

A major Democratic donor blew his top on live TV after he couldn’t contain his frustrations with his party’s class warfare any longer. Stephen Cloobeck, chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts in Las Vegas, appeared on MSNBC today and let it rip. “When Democrats continue to say, ‘Down with the billionaires! We can’t stand the… Read more »

Democrats’ Newest Plan: Nationalized Health Care

On Monday, two seemingly unrelated headlines made the news. The first: America’s national debt had finally reached $20 trillion. The second: New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker had finally come out in favor of Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ magical, mythical “Medicare-For-All” plan. Of course, the two aren’t unrelated at all. Once again, the Democratic… Read more »

LA Socialists Trying To Block 2028 Olympics In LA

The Los Angeles chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA-LA) has built an alliance to stop the 2028 Olympic Games from coming to L.A. Protesters from the NOlympics LA coalition upstaged festivities at Los Angeles City Hall last week, disrupting a press conference after lawmakers had just approved a bid to host the Summer… Read more »

National Convention Of American Socialists Endorses Anti-Israel Boycott

The Democratic Socialists of America and Young Democratic Socialists, the DSA’s student arm, voiced their support for the campaign to cut Israel off from the international economic, cultural, and academic community, as part of their three-day conference held over the weekend at the University of Illinois—Chicago. Support for the measure was so widespread that no… Read more »