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Newsweek Draws Parallels Between Donald Trump And Charles Manson

Two Things happened yesterday: serial killer Charles Manson died and Newsweek complained that calling them “fake news” destroys democracy. Today, Newsweek published a piece comparing President Trump with the deceased brutal murderer in an effort to show what real news is all about. Thank goodness they were able to preserve our democracy and their stellar… Read more »

Leftists Arrested Rioting at Trump Inauguration in Court, Face Mutiple Felonies

Leftists arrested for rioting during President Trump’s January 20, 2017 inauguration are expected in court today after being charged with multiple felonies. Their comrades are urging supporters to pack the court house in the name of solidarity.  From a “Resist This” press release:  The jury for the N15 trial group has been selected and 6… Read more »

Why Is This NFL Player Standing For The Mexican National Anthem But Not America?

President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to harshly condemn NFL player Marshawn Lynch after he stood for the Mexican national anthem, yet took a knee for the U.S. Star Spangled Banner during Sunday Night Football over the weekend.  Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to… Read more »

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Think Sexual Assault Is Bad When Democrats Do It

Bernie Sanders is hypocrisy personified. He bills himself as a socialist and yet he’s rich and owns 3 mansions. He rages against the big banks and their alleged wrongdoing, but finds himself the subject of a federal bank fraud investigation. Keeping with the theme, as a liberal he only feels sexual assault is outrageous when… Read more »

Kathy Griffin Returns Wearing Trump Mask, Flips Off Crowd And Takes Knee

  Griffin’s gone completely insane. Embattled comedian Kathy Griffin went off on a Hillary Clintonesque meltdown rant on Saturday blaming everyone else for her career problems, which started when she staged a mock beheading of President Donald Trump. Griffin’s meltdown video followed her reemergence onto the comedy scene after lying low for the last few… Read more »

Liberal Academic Arrested for Attacking Conservative Students

  A University of Illinois graduate instructor has been arrested for assaulting two conservative students at an anti-Tump protest this past Thursday, reports Campus Reform. Tariq Khan is a 39 year old Fighting Illini PhD candidate with a keen interest in far left causes, including communist and anarchist groups. However, this past week it seems… Read more »

Cher Sounds Alarm That Trump’s Tax Plan Will Kill Everyone!

    Democrats don’t deserve a place at the table when it comes to taxes because they start with the ridiculous notion that allowing people to keep the money they earn is stealing from the government. They compound this idiocy by claiming that across-the-board cuts hurt the middle and working classes because the wealthy also… Read more »

Rapper Debuts ‘Come Back Barack’ on Saturday Night Live

The weekly festival of kooks that is Saturday Night Live had another big broadcast to liberal sourballs, SJW miscreants and all who have been falling asleep on tear-stained pillows since last November 9th. Following a Deep State friendly opening skit of Donald Trump Jr. and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks that was so diabolical that Nazi… Read more »

Michael Moore Goes Stompy Feet Over Impeachment

Fresh off of his Broadway flop, fat multimillionaire hypocrite Michael Moore is back to having to eke out a living as the leader of the so-called resistance. The porcine propagandist is hoping to put the cattle prod to Democrats reluctant to mount an impeachment against President Donald Trump now that a half-dozen scatterbrained racists and… Read more »