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Congressional Investigators Struggle to Find Source for Anti-Trump Dossier

Published by:  Daily Signal By:  Chuck Ross Congressional investigators are struggling to track down a source that allegedly provided some of the most salacious claims made in an anti-Trump dossier cited by federal officials as reason to begin spying on one or more of the president’s associates. House and Senate committees investigating Russian interference in… Read more »

Lawyer Gregg Jarrett Lists SIX WAYS Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe & Yates Are in “SERIOUS LEGAL JEOPARDY” (VIDEO)

Published by:  Gateway Pundit By:  Joshua Caplan During a live broadcast of “Hannity” from CPAC Wednesday evening, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett articulated why former FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, are in “serious legal jeopardy.”   WOW! Fox Legal Analyst… Read more »

Bernie Blames Hillary for Not Informing People About Russians (AUDIO)

Published by:  American Lookout By:  Mike LaChance When it comes to the crumbling narrative about Russia, people on the left are starting to blame each other. In an interview with Vermont Public Radio this week, Bernie Sanders even pointed a finger at Hillary Clinton for not telling people what he claims they knew. The Washington… Read more »

Nancy Pelosi Mumbles Kookiest Border Security Proposal Yet: Mow The Grass! (VIDEO)

Published by:  Gateway Pundit Joshua Caplan On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proposed cutting the grass at the southern border to stop illegal aliens from flooding the U.S.  PELOSI: “Well, I’m not the wall’s biggest advocate in Congress, but I do know that representatives in the House and Senators in that body from the… Read more »

Survey of ‘Politics Experts’ Ranks Trump the Worst President in History. Here’s Why That’s Absurd.

Published by:  Daily Signal By:  Jarret Stepman Over Presidents Day weekend, what more appropriately should be a celebration of George Washington’s birthday, The New York Times published the results of a survey of “politics experts” who ranked American presidents from greatest to worst. The poll relied on “170 members of the American Political Science Association’s… Read more »

Despite Trump’s illegal immigration crackdown, Obama still ‘deporter-in-chief’

Published by:  American Mirror By:  Victor Skinner Despite the media hysteria over President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants since taking office, data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security shows the actual number deportations lag far behind Obama era figures. Data shows U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed fewer illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2017… Read more »

Alyssa Milano Whines About 2A Being Obsolete, Internet SHREDS HER APART

Published by:  RIght Observer By:  John S. Roberts Far-left actress Alyssa Milano is at it again, proving she knows little to nothing about the U.S. Constitution. Check out her rationale for ridding the nation of the Second Amendment… From Daily Wire: Actress Alyssa Milano weighed in on the gun rights debate on Monday by tweeting… Read more »

James O’Keefe Unleashes After Twitter Purges Thousands of Conservative Accounts, Accuses Them of Being ‘Bots’

Published by:  Gateway Pundit By:  Cristina Laila Twitter was set ablaze late Tuesday evening after the social media platform restricted and locked thousands of conservative, pro-Trump accounts. Twitter users also experienced a huge drop in followers and used the hashtag #TwitterLockOut to discuss the purge. A woman named Gretchen Smith tweeted a picture of herself… Read more »

Julian Assange Finds Something Bizarre About George Clooney Interview Amid 2020 Hype

Published by:  Gateway Pundit By:  Joshua Caplan On Tuesday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pointed out something bizarre about actor George Clooney’s interview with Netflix host David Letterman.  Below is a trailer for the interview. “Interview between Clooney and Letterman is odd. Clooney instantly engages in a series of male dominance displays against Letterman, man-handling & trashing… Read more »