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VIDEO: Diner slaps Harvey Weinstein across face at Scottsdale restaurant

Published by: American Mirror By:  Kyle Olson How far Harvey Weinstein has fallen. A haggard-looking Weinstein appeared in a Scottsdale restaurant on Tuesday night, and a fellow diner slapped him across the face, telling him to get out of the establishment. Video posted by TMZ shows Weinstein in a stocking cap and being aided by… Read more »

“Get the F**k Out of Here!” Harvey Weinstein Slapped in the Face, Cursed at in Scottsdale Restaurant (VIDEO)

Published by The Gateway Pundit By Cristina Laila Oh how the mighty fall! Harvey Weinstein was slapped in his face and cursed at as he was leaving a Scottsdale, AZ restaurant and TMZ caught the whole thing on video. Harvey Weinstein was spotted at Tuesday night at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale wearing a beanie and t-shirt… Read more »

Hillary Donor Who Funded Trump Accusers, Threatens Women Against Dem Sexual Harasser

Published by: Front Page Mag By:  Daniel Greenfield Here’s all the Dem hypocrisy on sexual harassment you could ever possibly want wrapped in a neat red bow. Meet Susie Tompkins Buell, the Hillary backer, who allegedly funded efforts by Harvey Weinstein’s cover-up lawyer to pay Trump accusers to come forward. One of Hillary Clinton’s wealthy pals… Read more »

PHOTOS: ‘We All Knew’ street art welcomes Hollywood elites to Golden Globes

Published by The American Mirror By Kyle Olson  Hollywood elites attending the latest self-congratulating awards ceremony will also get a rude reminder: That they “all knew” about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged predatory behavior. L.A. street artist Sabo posted several pieces of art around Rodeo Drive, just in time for Sunday’s Golden Globes awards show. One poster features… Read more »

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Offered $750K for Trump Accusations

Published by Front Page Mag written by Daniel Greenfield We hear a lot about how the process of suppressing sexual abuse accusations works. But how do you generate sexual abuse accusations? That’s the big question mark. We’ve seen a flood of these accusations. We’re told that the #MeToo accusations evolved out of a grass roots hashtag… Read more »

“Everybody Knew”: Leftist Media Power Led to Sex Abuses

How the Left enabled sexual abusers from Capitol Hill to CNN. “Everybody f____g knew,” a top Hollywood screenwriter wrote of Harvey Weinstein. “Everybody knew” about Matt Lauer at NBC, Variety reports, and it “wasn’t even considered a secret.” “Every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in elevator with him,” ABC’s Cokie… Read more »

Yes, Hillary Knew All About Harvey Weinstein

Lena Dunham isn’t the most reliable of narrators, but the New York Times is reporting that she, along with bigshot magazine editor Tina Brown, both warned the Hillary Clinton campaign all about Harvey Weinstein’s depredations and got ignored.  Hillary Clinton says she had never heard of any Weinstein problems until she read them in the… Read more »

Piggish Propagandist Michael Moore’s New Anti-Trump Movie in BIG Trouble

Limousine liberal hypocrite and self-styled leader of the resistance Michael Moore’s year isn’t ending on a very positive note. The Michigan mammoth has pissed away the last year in a futile effort to mobilize rabble in the streets with the goal of overturning the results of last year’s election. It hasn’t worked out well for… Read more »

Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein Alleges SEX TRAFFICKING

A British actress says that by facilitating his overseas travel, the Weinstein Company put women at risk. A new lawsuit filed in New York on Monday alleges that Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein Company engaged in human trafficking when the production firm sent Harvey overseas, all the while knowing his history of alleged sexual abuse,… Read more »