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Nancy Pelosi Mumbles Kookiest Border Security Proposal Yet: Mow The Grass! (VIDEO)

Published by:  Gateway Pundit Joshua Caplan On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proposed cutting the grass at the southern border to stop illegal aliens from flooding the U.S.  PELOSI: “Well, I’m not the wall’s biggest advocate in Congress, but I do know that representatives in the House and Senators in that body from the… Read more »

This Memo May Expose Obama’s Watergate

Published by: Front Page Mag By:  Daniel Greenfield The big explosive scandal is the one that hardly anyone talks about. It’s not Russia collusion. It’s not even Uranium One. It’s the eavesdropping on Trump staffers by Obama staffers. This eavesdropping was partially legitimized by the Steele dossier. It was accidentally uncovered and since then it’s… Read more »

Trump and Perry: ‘Make Nuclear Energy Cool Again’

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry wants to bring back nuclear energy. Speaking to White House reporters at the press briefing room, Perry recalled growing up in a time where nuclear energy in America was the future. “When I was younger in the ’60s … a lot of kids wanted to go into the nuclear energy field,”… Read more »

They’re All Around: 5 Reasons To Fear The Mexican Mafia

The Mexican Mafia, or “La EME,” is a U.S.-based gang made up primarily of Mexican-American street gang members. The Mexican Mafia should not be confused with illegal alien drug gangs that originate from Mexico or with the Mexican cartels that use the gang as U.S. foot soldiers. Though it originated as a prison gang, its… Read more »

House Passes Bill Defunding Sanctuary Cities

The House of Representatives passed the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act by a 228-195 vote Thursday which bars federal funds from sanctuary cities if they do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement efforts. The vote was largely along party lines with three Democrats voting for the bill and seven Republicans voting against it. The measure,… Read more »

Jason Chaffetz Hired As Fox News Contributor

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) has found a new home for after his resignation from Congress: He’s been hired by Fox News as a contributor and will begin working for the network on July 1, the day after he officially leaves Congress. INBOX: Jason Chaffetz to join Fox News as contributor — Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy)… Read more »

Senators Demand Cancellation Of Congressional Summer Recess

The senators, all Republicans, warn that Congress has only 33 working days remaining in the fiscal year to deal with a range of pressing issues. “This does not appear to give us enough time to adequately address the issues that demand immediate attention,” write the senators, including David Perdue (R., Ga.), Mike Lee (R., Utah),… Read more »

Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents After Shady College Deal

Amid a deepening federal investigation of Jane Sanders, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ wife, Judicial Watch has obtained records that paint a rather disturbing personal portrait of a heartless spouse—and longtime political advisor—of the Democratic Socialist candidate for president of the United States. During the Obama administration, the FBI began investigating Jane for falsifying documents to… Read more »

Dem Leader Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Impeached AND Exiled

When impeachment is not enough. Democrats leader Auntie Maxine wants Trump impeached because he posts mean tweets. But that’s not all. Waters wants President Trump impeached and then exiled! Women are outraged and fed up with this President. Impeachment isn't enough. Should we explore exile? — Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) June 29, 2017 Oh, Auntie! It… Read more »