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Republicans Ask Supreme Court To Stop Democrats’ Unconstitutional Redistricting

Published by American Lookout By Mike LaChance  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is made up of mostly Democrats. They have supported an effort to redistrict the state which greatly benefits Democrats. Now Republicans have filed a document with the US Supreme Court to appeal the decision. Here’s part of the document, via Legal Insurrection: The times,… Read more »

Clarence Thomas Calls Out Fellow Justices On “The Right To Keep And Bear Arms”

Published by American Lookout By Lisa Payne-Naeger You almost never hear from him. He’s quiet. He doesn’t mug for media cameras. But he’s also a true constitutionalist. And he’s probably one of the most conservative judges sitting on today’s Supreme Court. And he’s a Second Amendment champion. Here’s what he said about he other justices on… Read more »

Ruth Bader Ginsburg offers a new excuse for Hillary’s loss

Published by:  American Thinker By:  Thomas Lifson Apparently intoxicated by the adulation coming her way of late, as progressives desperately want her not to retire, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg skates close to political advocacy, which should be taboo for a Supreme Court justice.  Last night, she offered a new excuse for Hillary Clinton’s failure to win… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE TEXTS: Clapper Plotted To Stop Trump’s Inauguration Using A Supreme Court Justice

Published by: Big League Politics By:  Patrick Howley WASHINGTON — Obama administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper held a meeting in his last days in office to discuss the idea of going to a Supreme Court justice to block President Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to a high-level member of the intelligence community who spoke… Read more »

6 Events That Prove Democrats’ Government Shutdown Over DACA Is A Fraud

Published by: The Federalist By:  Margot Cleveland The facts of DACA lay bare the fraud underlying the Democrats’ politically motivated, selective shuttering of the federal government. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) isn’t dead, and “dreamers” aren’t being deported, even though that’s the entire basis Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claims for causing the government… Read more »

The GOP’s Work Has Just Begun. Here’s What Should Top the Agenda in 2018.

Published by:  Daily Signal By:  Ed Feulner Conservatives, we have our work cut out for us this year. Mind you, 2017 definitely had its ups. Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court. The war on terrorism moved in the right direction, with the prime minister of Iraq declaring victory over ISIS. The Trump administration pulled… Read more »

Why the Supreme Court Shouldn’t Bow to Government Agencies

Published by The Daily Signal Written by Elizabeth Slattery Many Americans would be surprised to learn that a series of Supreme Court decisions allow officials in administrative agencies—rather than judges—to have the final say in interpreting statutes and rules. Administrative agencies touch on nearly every aspect of Americans’ daily lives—from highways to electricity to health, and… Read more »

Supreme Court Tellingly Rejects Lower Court Roadblock to Elimination of DACA Program

Published by The Daily Signal  Written by Alden Abbott On Dec. 20, in an unsigned, four-page opinion, the Supreme Court struck down a lower court order that severely burdened efforts by the  Trump administration to end the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), which has shielded certain younger illegal aliens from deportation. This… Read more »

Does Mueller need blood?

  How is this revenge movie going to end? Every legal trial is also an emotional revenge drama. The legal system tries to impose whatever dignity, fairness, and honesty it can on the bloodthirsty aspects of accusations and punishments. But the more emotionally involved people become, the more easily we can turn into a primitive… Read more »

SCOTUS To Lower Courts On The Travel Ban: Knock It Off

  The U.S. Supreme Court appears somewhat irritated with federal courts that have repeatedly barred the Trump administration from enforcing immigration policies halting the entry of certain classes of migrants and refugees. The high court’s latest orders sent three clear signals to lower courts, all of which are positive signs for President Donald Trump. First,… Read more »