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2 More Years of Chinese Influence – Ep. 785

Today’s Show Notes

Chuck read an article by Jason Whitlock recently talking about Russia’s rebuttal to Joe Biden. Jason good on to say the two, im not a Putin sycophant, but I would pick Putin over Biden. If you are elected to Government, and you are not all in on the Far Left Democrat agenda, you are not welcome there. How many of these politicians are up to their ears in China? Isn’t it interesting that the DOE has come out and admitted now that…they “THINK” that the COVID virus originated in the Wuhan lab? The very thing that we got lambasted on years ago when we said…YEAH, this is where the virus came from.

None of our Government agencies will hold anyone accountable for the gain of function testing going on in the Wuhan lab. It is SLOWLY starting to come out , that many of the things we said on this show…are in fact…correct. The one thing we got wrong is that we made an assumption that the virus was accidentally released…Mark believes that it is possible that China deliberately released it. Not that will EVER be a way to find out if this is true or not. Americans are probably the most propagandized people on Earth. There is so much misinformation, and lies with our media, it is unbelievable.

We know all these things about the evil empire of China, and they are intent on controlling the world, and Biden will do NOTHING to disturb China. We have 2 more years in this country with China being able to do whatever they want to now. Lets look at Putin, it looks like China will be suppling weapons to Russia, which means we will be sitting in a proxy war with China. The world is in for a new America come election time, as our country will throw off the yoke of Chinese control.

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