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6 Degrees of The Brookings Institute – Ep. 678

Today’s show rundown:

Children and Parents have been indoctrinate to be so afraid of COVID, we are now going to inoculate 5 years olds. Over this whole “pandemic” 9 kids have died thats it. If the Government can’t FORCE you to take their vaccine, they will punish you, in any way they can find. Mind you anyone with the vaccine is not any less able to spread COVID, there is nothing the vaccine does to stop one from being able to spread the virus.

Fear – really works, this administration has done a great job keeping people AFRAID of COVID, even thought you have a fraction of a percent’s chance of dying to COVID. But 40 percent of Democrats think they have a 50/50 chance of dying from COVID. Govt. just doesn’t care about the fallout of anything, they just want to make policy to make policy.

Government officials and their familial ties to different places. Mark wants to talk about Antony Blinkin. We made this guy the Secretary of State. Mark’s belief is that George Soros personally picked him for this role. Now we are against the former President of The Balkans. The Balkans most staunch opponent of Communism, and a supporter of anti-communism, we have put travel restrictions on him, and made him an enemy of our state.

This administration is now, the enemy of America. Soros and his cronies want open borders, open everything, to the detriment of this country. Who the heck is the Left going to run in 2024? And on what platform – “I’m not Trump” isn’t going to cut it this time. I mean who…Kamala, AOC, Who? Mark thinks they might go after a Hollywood type, like Dwayne Johnson, Oprah, something like that. The double down group thinks the American People actually WANT candidates that are FURTHER left.


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