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A Deeper Look into the Issues Facing Our Nation – Episode 360

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark discuss recent news stories. They start with the Jacksonville shooting and explain why guns are not to blame for the incident. Mark digs deeper into this topic, pointing out the prescription drugs that many of the shooters in mass shootings had been taking.

The duo next examines the insanity of the left and share the news that a professor that has called for all men to leave positions of power. Chuck and Mark then highlight the double standards held by the left and their manipulation of issues to fit their agenda.

The issues surrounding Lanny Davis and Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel are reviewed, and Chuck and Mark break down what the investigation could mean for all citizens.

The hosts converse about the aggression of Democrats on social media and the issues that conservatives face every day. They finish up the news discussion talking about Margret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. Mark also provides a few questions to “ask your liberal friends” that will likely discredit their claims.

Mark talks about his charity organization, World Mission, and their upcoming annual dinner on October 2 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kevin Sorbo is a guest speaker and listeners can meet him and Mark at the dinner. If you would like to attend or learn more about World Mission, click the link below.

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