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A History Lesson – An Interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio – Ep. 662

Today’s show rundown:

Mark starts by talking about The National Archives – where we keep all our valuable documents etc. If you go online, to the national archives, and search for the U.S. Constitution…before you get to it, a warning comes up telling you of harmful language. This is just another example of how The Democrats are in charge of everything right now. This is a Statement of how the Left views the Constitution. They have contempt for it, and it is painfully clear.

The Left is trying to create a one-party country. In either case, democrat or republican, this would be bad. At best it’s a monarchy, at worst, it would be a dictatorship. Neither of these options are what we want or need in America. At a time when every business is struggling to find help, Biden wants to pass a decree that allows people to be terminated for NOT being vaccinated. Many of these things are diversionary to keep our attention off of the failure in Afghanistan.

The 10th amendment is under fire…The Left wants to take as much if not all the power away from the States. Biden has said he will use all the power of the federal government to “Fight” the States that are not falling in line with his orders. This is the same reason that the Civil War was originally fought. Many forget that in the beginning The Civil War was not about slavery, not until 3 years in did it pivot to being all about slavery.

We jump right in with Sheriff Joe and ask him what is happening at the border. Congress is doing nothing other than talk, Sheriff Joe says he hates to blame Congress, but they need to take the blame. What Sheriff Joe just saw at the border where the US and Laredo are separated by a river, people could just come right across. He saw people with suitcases just wading across the river. Afghanistan is one of the largest players in the Drug Trafficking game, and now we let the Taliban to re-take over.


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