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A Political Reality Check & the Out of Touch Democrats – Episode 356

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark discuss the buzz surrounding some of the stories atop the news page. They explore the disconnect between the mainstream media and the American people, with headlines that support their assertions. Their conversation leads into the Democratic establishment gripping onto power as the socialist wing threatens their stronghold.

They continue about the divided Democrats and why they won’t be able to throw out the party establishment. After using a Nancy Pelosi speech as an example, Mark transitions into Michael Moore’s new film and its claim to remove the president. This opens the door for other radical liberal attacks on President Trump and our freedoms.

Chuck and Mark move the conversations into John Brennan’s security clearance that President Trump revoked and the fit the left threw over it. They relate this to the importance of finding the truth and understanding the “why” behind today’s issues.

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