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A Real Economist – an Interview with Charlie Sauer- Ep. 692

Today’s show rundown:

FAA grounds west coast airports for 7 mins due to potential N. Korea Ballistic missile test into the Pacific Ocean. We hear nothing of this on mainstream media. We have the least transparent government since the 30’s. Things like this happen and we don’t even get to hear about it or the why’s or how’s?

According to Joe Biden, our Guest today must not be a real economist. Charlie Sauer explains some of the truths behind what is being done by our current administration to, as Biden calls it – Big Beef. We are being told that Biden is taking care of things. What we really have is a symptom being addressed and not the problem. Given the current economy and our court system, big beef just makes sense. Biden plans to throw money at this problem which just hurts the competition and the people.

How much money do you need in savings for you to retire comfortable? Almost 1 million was the answer in the 80’s. In 2021 that number dropped to 600K. Are Americans just changing their requirements for living comfortably? IS this related to the market, or where we weren’t in a high spending place? People may be spending down their savings they gained over COVID.

Charles Sauer is a seasoned economic policy expert, author, President and Founder of the Market Institute. Sauer began developing his expertise in finance and tax by working for the chairman of the Finance Committee, and then going on to be a legislative analyst focused on tax, immigration, and labor issues in a governor’s office. In 2007, Sauer was named the Deputy Legislative Director for the National Center for Policy Analysis, a think tank dedicated to finding free-market alternatives to government regulation. After his time at NCPA, he was President of Entrepreneurs for Growth, a Capitol Hill education program that educated Hill staff on entrepreneurship. Sauer then co-founded and served as the Executive Director for the Free Market Medical Association. In 2010, he founded the Market Institute and serves as President to date. Sauer authored the book, Profit Motive: What Drives the Things We Do and is a frequent voice appearing in outlets like the Washington Examiner, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, and many more.

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