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A Refreshed Perspective on Evolution – an Interview with Perry Marshall – Episode 337

Perry Marshall is a bestselling author, engineer and business consultant. His background has helped him create a new perspective on the never-ending debate about human evolution. Perry took the next step and founded the $5 million Evolution 2.0 Prize, which will be awarded to an individual or group that is able to take “chemicals to code,” which is the same as connecting human genetics to artificial intelligence.

Mark and Chuck discuss the journey that has led to Perry’s new perspective and how his background in computer programming played a role in his view on human evolution.

Perry explains why you can be a Christian and still accept evolution. They talk about how science cannot prove all aspects of human life, but creationism lacks many of the explanations that science offers. The journey through Perry’s new perspective touches on many ideas and thoughts, leading beyond the human evolution debate.

About the guest:

Perry Marshall is a bestselling author, speaker, engineer and world-renowned business consultant in Chicago. With a decade of research, he brings fresh perspective to the 100-year old debate about human evolution.

He founded the $5 million Evolution 2.0 Prize, staffed by judges from Harvard, Oxford and MIT. The prize aims to cross the chasm between genetics and AI.

He is the author of Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock between DARWIN and DESIGN, endorsed by leading scientists around the world. As one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after business consultants, he bridges science, religion, technology, marketing and investment capital.

Perry has a degree in Electrical Engineering, and has consulted in over 300 industries, from computer hardware and software to finance and biotech.

Connect with Perry:

Twitter: @PerryMarshall and @cfingerprints.



To purchase his book “Evolution 2.0”:

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