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A Spiritual Battle For America’s Soul – an Interview with Ted Harvey – Ep. 769

Today’s show rundown:

It’s voting season…there is no more voting day, its a whole season. Why does it take forever to count these darn votes?

Mark introduces us to a returning guest Ted Harvey, and we get a reminder about a little of what he is up to. Ted’s PAC stop is where he is spending a lot of his time now days. He is doing every hit he can to help with the November election to make sure we take back the Majority.

The Left is at war with us, we are NOT at war with them, thats a huge problem. We may think they are wrong, but they want us dead. If a conservative speaks up or talks against the Left’s thought – they DOJ goes after these people. The DOJ doesn’t even to claim to be non partisan any more. They are telling you they will come after you at your local school board meeting if you want to ask questions about why we have to have boys in girls bathrooms.


Ted Harvey, Chairman

Retired Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey has always had a passion for protecting the Constitution and the unborn, while promoting the free-market principle which have resulted in America’s unmatched exceptionalism. At the age of 22, Ted received a political appointment to serve in the White House of President Ronald Reagan, which ignited his passion for traditional conservatism.
After returning home, Ted quickly became involved in Colorado politics, working as a staffer in the Colorado State House and then as the Program Director of the Independence Institute, a Denver-based think tank. Ted also served as the District Office Manager for Representative Joel Hefley (R-CO).
In December 2001, through a vacancy election, Ted was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives and became a conservative champion inside the State House. He was re-elected in both 2002 and 2004, and then elected to the Colorado State Senate in 2006 and 2010.
Ted’s patriotic work continues today. He was a founding member and Chairman of the Stop Hillary PAC, re-named the Committee to Defend the President following the election of President Trump in 2016. It was one of the largest pro-Trump super PACs in the country: Under Ted’s leadership, the Committee spent more than $20 million in Independent Expenditures to support Republican causes, while contributing over $509,000 directly to Republican candidates and incumbents.
Ted has been elected as a Colorado delegate to four of the last five Republican National Conventions including 2016 and 2020.
Ted will continue leading the charge, now as the opposition to Biden-Harris’ reckless liberal policies under the re-branded name, the Committee to Defeat the President.

Follow Ted Harvey on Twitter: @TedHarvey

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