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Mark Young

Mark Young is one of those rare individuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He reserves at least two hours per day to study, staying on top of trends in technology, human behavior, geopolitics, physics, economics and future studies. His unusual style of processing information and problem solving was formed early on, based on his own combination of epistemology and multidisciplinary thinking.

He is a frequent contributing author to major publications, a popular public speaker and the author of Future You, which is published by Nightingale Conant.

Young is the founder and CEO of Jekyll & Hyde Advertising, the nation’s most successful advertising agency for challenger and emerging brand consumer products. His agency has been the driving force behind over 100 successful consumer packaged goods products, with combined sales measured in the billions. Jekyll & Hyde has won dozens of national awards and represents consumer products at every major retailer in the U.S.

In addition to the agency, Young is an angel investor in consumer product companies, has real estate holdings throughout the United States and is the managing partner of Two and Two Broadcasting, which provides content to radio stations across the country and produces the Blunt Force Truth podcast.

Young also serves as the president of World Mission, a nonprofit global outreach organization that distributes humanitarian supplies and aid to suffering people across northern Africa. World Mission also distributes a specially made, solar-powered MP3 Bible to illiterate, unreached people groups in their native tongue. To date, World Mission has recorded the Bible in over 3,000 languages and dialects.

With conservative values, strong, informed opinions and keen insights into economic and political landscapes, he is the perfect partner and co-host for his longtime friend and colleague, Chuck Woolery.

Mark resides in Michigan and Florida with his wife Sally and daughter Andi.

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