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Actively Unwoke – an Interview with Karlyn Borysenko – Ep. 744

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck knows people are depressed and tired of what we are seeing every day…but the cavalry is on the way. Everybody tells mark “Ive never seen it this bad, Ive never seen it so decided”. This has been going on in America since our country was founded Jefferson and Adams claimed some things we can’t even type here. You have to take it upon yourself to save yourself.

People are afraid that they are going to be cancelled, but Karlyn’s book has a whole chapter in it to help if you are. Mark asks Karlyn what is driving the insanity of the Marxist Cultural Revolution. Social emotional learning is even more dangerous than CRT. 4 Points the woke left hits on at all times are gain as much political power as possible to destabilize the system to end capitalism, to usher in a marxist utopia.

There is a different between true believers and people who are going along with it. Most of the people who we would consider woke are just doing it because they are being taught they need to do this to be a good person. We need to start waking up more people to show them they have been lied to. These people are a victim of group think, it’s a real thing.

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