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All the Stories You Never Get to Hear – Ep. 783

Today’s Show

Chuck has bad news and bad news…the bad news is Biden and the Democrats cheated on the 2020 election and got him elected. The Bad news is, they didn’t cheat, and the American people elected him. Biden is the most insane, corrupt, ridiculous sitting President we have ever had, and the mainstream media just continues to carry his water. The American people have his number now though…he is seriously under water. Who the heck are they going to run against Trump if he runs.

No matter how you look at it, social media and the media stole the election by burying the Hunter Biden story. 18% of people who voted for Biden say they would NOT have voted for him had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop. And still, the media want to just move right past the laptop story, and they want to still reach back and talk about Trump and how everything is his fault. We had a problem solver for 4 years and the Left HATED Trump.

Mark has stories galore for our listeners today – tune in to listen to it all

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