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America’s Addiction to Health Insurance- An Interview with Kevin Wacasey- Episode 398

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark are joined by Dr. Kevin Wacasey, the attending physician and owner of Concierge Medical Practice in Fort Worth, Texas. Together they dive into the realities of healthcare and health insurance.

Chuck and Mark start today’s show by finding out more about Dr. Wacasey’s practice and how his patients receive higher quality care by not relying on health insurance. Dr. Wacasey describes how insurance companies have raised the cost of healthcare due to regulations, and how insurance influences treatment decisions made by physicians.

They continue by discussing how health insurance has morphed into pre-paid medical care due to the growing premiums. Dr. Wacasey explains how certain regulations have caused Americans to become addicted to healthcare which then allows insurance companies to set prices for a patient’s procedures.

In addition, Dr. Wacasey also clarifies the major differences between health “care” and health “insurance”, including the ways that Obamacare has impacted both systems.

The guys continue to discuss the delay for new medications to reach patients, and the added time to be covered by insurances. Dr. Wacasey explains exactly why doctors will prescribe the most expensive version of a drug to their patients. He also discloses how and why his practice, as well as other cash-only practices, are able to get the newest medications years earlier for their patients.

They finish up the show by analyzing how health insurance is bought and sold. They discuss how insurance companies offer extensive coverage options that can end up costing consumers more in the end. They also consider some future possibilities in healthcare and health insurance.

More about Dr. Kevin Wacasey:

Kevin Wacasey studied at the University of Texas at Arlington and fulfilled his residency in Emergency Medicine at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Kevin has held a certification from the American Board of Emergency Medicine since 1999.

Dr. Wacasey has published two books focusing on health insurance and healthcare. His first book called “The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care” was published in 2016 and second called “Healthcareonomics – 1,000 Crazy Ways American Health Insurance Controls America’s Health Care” was published a year later in 2017.

To go along with his two publications, Dr. Wacasey also has a blog and YouTube Channel that he contributes to regularly. Both the blog and YouTube Channel are called “Healthcareonomics”.

Currently, Dr. Wacasey is the attending physician and owner of Concierge Medical Practice in Fort Worth, Texas.

Connect with Dr. Kevin Wacasey:




Twitter:  @Hconomics


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