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Amid this Crisis, Nerds of the World Unite – An Interview With Dr. Chris, Dr. Lynn, and Dr. Cole – Ep. 706

Today’s show rundown:

The strongest country in the world is being run by the weakest administration you could possible field. It is absolutely so frustrating, it is insane. Chuck is listening to Kamala Harris talking about how we need to go green, and we need green cars. The news is just filled with “why” we are buying oil from Russia – although we are supposed to be stopping. But we aren’t going to drill or harvest any more oil in our own country. We are a self sufficient nation, put on our heels by these people who now nothing about running a nation. You sit at home and want to pull your hair out.

We are going to talk about how this War, the Invasion of Ukraine is the best thing that has happened to the Biden Presidency. It is ALL you have heard about for the last 2 weeks (with a throw in dig @ Trump). COVID by and large has just…gone away. Chuck wants to know when the FAA will give up enforcing masks. When that happens, Chuck thinks that that will be the end of it. The Doctors think the masks should have stopped YEARS ago, with the CDC saying they don’t work. Mark is talking that the main reason we want to vaccinate everyone is to eliminate the control group = the NON Vaccinated.

Even though COVID is fading, we need to be like elephants and NEVER forget. These revolving doors of agencies and Pharma companies don’t get off the hook Scott free. The problem for the CDC, NIH, etc – is that the American people do not trust them any more. The percentage is very high for lack of faith in these government organizations. The big push is now to get this on the child vaccination schedule. It has been revised at the bottom, and it says that the COVID vaccine is recommended and safe for children. We have to fight this and take it off.

Where there is fraud, indemnity is suspended. We need to expose fraud, we need to hold them to the fire for all the damage this vaccine has caused. Children are dropping dead from heart attacks, or breathing too much if you are to believe the MSM. COVID can actually be harder on a more fit person than a less fit one. So these kids who work out more, can be hit harder than older people or non-fit people.


Article on HHS spending millions to promote COVID jabs


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