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An Homage to Satan – The Grammys Ep. 782

Folks – Sorry about the delay in posting this episode. Producer Matt here, we had an internal tech issue, that is now resolved. We will be back to releaseing on our regular schedule moving forward. Thanks for everyone who reched out asking about Mark and Chuck.

Today’s Show Notes –

Chuck starts us out talking about the Grammy’s. He wanted to watch it to see what us happening. It was an absolute out and out freaks show from beginning to end. Guys who are accepting awards in wind breakers and sneakers. There were men in silver clown suits. 50 years of hip hop was the anniversary last night…who wasn’t in that line up – Chuck has never been so bored in his life – everything sounded the same. It would also appear that Satan has a place in the middle of the Grammy now, with a Sam Smith Ode to Satan.

Chuck has a new word – Savant Idiots…really smart people who miss EVERYTHING. Lets take someone like Pete Buttigieg – he would appear to be a bright person, he is not a moron. But they are blind to the obvious. When the Bible talks about lifting the veil, perhaps these people have a veil over their minds…they live under the veil. We do not think that The Democratic Party, Foreign powers, the White House etc…to think that they all have quietly coordinated, and no one has spilled the beans is a ridiculous thought. However there is a power on earth who could put together a conspiracy…and these people are all willing participants. It has become less and less subtle, just more and more obvious.

Mark’s entire life, Mark has been aware that his government has lied to him since he was born. Chuck thinks this is a relatively new thing. People didn’t or don’t want to believe that the FBI, CIA, White House is corrupt. Mark thinks Kennedy (JFK) knew it, and he did not trust the Intel Community…look how that turned out for him. So we all have accepted that politicians lie, what is different now is that we are ok with Institutions lie…it is the new norm.

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