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BFT, We Have the Covid!!! – Ep. 696

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck has tested positive for COVID-19. He has received two vaccines. Mark and Chuck review some language that has changed, from cloth masks to you still being able to catch COVID even if you are vaccinated. Misinformation is at an all-time high, this all came out of the cold war era Russia. Look at the organizations that are supposed to protect us, and they are all just misleading us and giving us misinformation.

Ivermectin has worked on both Chuck and the BFT Producer who both tested positive, but once started taking Ivermectin they both started feeling better in under 24 hours. What Ivermectin does is to create a protein and block cell receptors so the virus can’t multiply. The false narrative about it being a horse de-wormer is just nonsense.

This whole pandemic is about money, it always has been. Ivermectin is cheap, a round of it goes for about 60 dollars. How can our administration answer the question, WHY we chose to spend all these billions of dollars on “vaccines” instead of a 60 dollar medicine that totally works?


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