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Big Brother is Listening- An Interview with Michael Guy- Episode 495

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark welcome back Michael Guy. Michael Guy is a rockstar turned cyber security and information technology expert.

Chuck and Mark kick off today’s show by asking Michael about how big tech is listening to your conversations every day. They discuss what you can do to protect yourself from this type of surveillance. Michael explains the legality behind the surveillance being done by big tech and why the government is not doing anything to stop them.

They continue their conversation by exploring the effects that EMF’s have on people. They discuss the unknown health effects that overexposure to EMF could have on people and Michael explains some options you have to lowering your exposure.

Chuck and Mark finish up today’s show by asking about the latest on General Flynn. Michael shares his status and explains what you can do to help General Flynn.

More about Michael Guy:

As CEO at ISM Security, Michael Guy has consulted for one of the largest security intelligence operations in the world. Michael has worked in the field of intelligence gathering for the now infamous 17 billion dollar Music Industry v Bertlesman / Napster case which to this date is the single largest case in Music Industry. ISM can process upwards of 35 billion potential security events per day across 70 counties via fault tolerant, redundant network operations centers.

Guy has been advising EMI, Warner, Universal Music group and KROLL global security as well as Republican campaign cyber strategist for the esteemed. Michael’s clients also include Peter Monroe who served as head of the Federal Housing Administration and Chairman of Resolution Trust under Presidents Bush SR and Bill Clinton regarding best security practices, criminal data discovery, anti-piracy frameworks and risk mitigation on a global basis.

Michael is a sought-after speaker on the subjects of Cyber Security, Russian Hacking claims cases, and Google Search Engineering. Guy regularly appears in both print and broadcast media, including BBC World Service, NPR, and Wired Magazine. Michael’s opinions have been solicited by members of Congress. Michael authored the advanced E-commerce platform at the University of Santa Clara’s Levy School of Business.

Most recently, Michael Guy is focusing on the Russian Hacking Claims case(s). Michael is a conservative who supports the Trump Administration.


Connect with Michael Guy:

Website: &

Twitter: @RealMichaelGuy

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