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Black History Month w/Special Guest Chris Arps – Ep 831

On this episode –

We meet our guest Chris Arps, Mark and him dig in right away about today’s topics.

The Left’s voting base is dying off and their goal is to make America into a 1 party system,
which is typical of a dictatorship. This also is in line with them wanting to get rid of the
Electorial College.

These sanctuary cities don’t actually want to be sanctuary cities when the people show up. The
government today is hiring companies to give away our money becasue they can not give it away
fast enough. In almost every case the owners of these companies are big contributors to the
Democratic Party. The lower income families in this country are being treated worse than the
illegal immigrants who are being put up in free hotels while being given a $10,000 Visa card.

When you look at the composition of people comming across the border illegally, they arent from
South America. There are huge numbers of Chinese military age males who could be infiltrators
or spies coming here on purpose. The Chinese government is in league now with the drug cartels
assisting on the fentanyl epidemic here in our country. Just looking at why is our government
funnelling billions of dollars into cartels? We as a government are making and allowing the
cartels to make more money than ever before.

The Tim Jones and Chris Arps Show

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