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Climate Change, Pay Attention – w/ Special Paul Driessen Ep. 813

On Today’s Episode –

We start out talking a bit about vaccines / boosters, and how you know what you know. You need to be careful out there and make sure you are informed with what you think you know.

We then jump over to our guest Paul Driessen who tells us a bit about his past / where he’s been and what he’s done. Mark asks Paul about some of his coverage of the vaccine, and Paul tells us about his wife who has been studying the vaccine since it became an issue. Paul links COVID to Climate in that it is going to covered like nothing else and there is deliberate disinformation coming out of the government.

We are looking at doubling or tripling our electrical needs if this green energy legislation gets pushed through. Currently, renewable energy generate between 4-8 percent of all power in America. The other 92% is made using FOSSIL fuels and Nuclear and a little geo-thermal.

Statement from Paul Driessen-
California’s lawsuit is the latest example of politicians using climate change to avoid responsibility and accountability for their incompetence, malfeasance, fabrications and misrepresentations on forest fires, EV fires, blackouts, flooding and other recurring problems they should be addressing.

Deceiving people about climate change? Governor Newsom is a consummate practitioner of that art. He’s constantly conning people into believing wind and solar energy are clean, renewable, sustainable and emission-free. In reality, his energy transformation would blanket his state with wind turbines, solar panels and transmission lines – and require mining the planet to get the metals and minerals to make that equipment.

Is Newsom going to require wind, solar, battery and EV companies to disclose all the toxic and greenhouse emissions from those supply chains, such as the mining and processing required for the lithium, cobalt, copper and other materials they need?

Fossil fuel emissions that Governor Newsom claims are causing storms and sea level problems for his state came from California, every other state in the USA, every U.S. and foreign oil company, and every country on the planet. China alone now emits more greenhouse gases than all the developed countries in the world combined. Is Newsom planning to sue China next? India? Saudi and Emirates Oil? It’s a scam.

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