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Contra TikTok Paranoiacs– w/ Charles Sauer – Ep. 834

On Today’s Episode –

Mark dives right in with our guest Charles Sauer. They talk similar likes as far as authors go and give the listeners some options for good reads. We move to operating systems for economies. We get a clear definition of capitalism and how it was named by it’s enemies, and how it can actually work.
We move to TikTok, and the why’s and how’s of it. Mark goes all PhD. Into the science about how algorithms work and how it is very similar to how slot machines work. Dopamine hits matter, and social media knows it.
We wrap things up with a conversation on economics and the Biden budget. Mark and Charles explain how our current economy and budget’s truths can be manipulated by politicians and news outlets when they explain things like “we created a bunch of jobs”.

X – @marketinstitute

Charles Sauer – Founder and President
Charles Sauer is a seasoned economic policy expert, author, President and Founder of the Market Institute. Sauer began developing his expertise in finance and tax by working for the chairman of the Finance Committee, and then going on to be a legislative analyst focused on tax, immigration and labor issues in a governor’s office. In 2007, Sauer was named the Deputy Legislative Director for the National Center for Policy Analysis, a think tank dedicated to finding free-market alternatives to government regulation. After his time at NCPA, he was President of Entrepreneurs for Growth, a Capitol Hill education program that educated Hill staff on entrepreneurship. Sauer then co-founded and served as the Executive Director for the Free Market Medical Association. In 2010, he founded the Market Institute and serves as President to date. Sauer authored the book, Profit Motive: What Drives the Things We Do and is a frequent voice appearing in outlets like the Washington Examiner, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, and many more.

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