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Corrupt, Discriminatory Companies Galore – an interview with Scott Shepard – Ep. 704

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck starts us off today talking about crime. Crime is everywhere, the Democratic controlled cities in particular. The guys talk about how many big cities are led by republicans. Wouldn’t you think…some of these cities would start to think…we need options for our governments. But these big cities just keep re-electing the same people or the same party. When you look at these big cities, many of them are full of renters, not owners. These people have 1 foot out the door while they are living there…they just don’t really care.

Chicago over the past weekend had 21 shootings, this has become the norm. NY crime is up over 100% in certain categories. The democrats have refused to accept that crime is a problem, they are pretending it doesn’t exist. Until one of the brave democrats spokespeople have come forward…to blame Republicans, the rise in crime is their fault. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the reason for the rise in crime is because we didn’t approve Build Back Bankrupt. Also that the child tax credit ended, and that parent are being forced into the streets to steal food their kids. The nuclear family is what has been destroyed by the Left.

We are introduced to Scott Shepard – who talks about how we could cut off retirement benefits to politicians. We talk term limits for the ENTIRE civil service, staff included. Make everyone have to rotate through it, and forbid everyone after their term, to no lobbying. We struggle to run legit elections now in this country where we cant seem to count votes correctly. Mark believes this might help end the career politician mindset.




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