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Corruption in Michigan Politics and in the AG’s Office – an Interview with Matthew DePerno – Ep. 749

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck starts us out asking did the Mar-a-Lago raid take place with Trump NOT in Florida on purpose. With his Secret Service members that are with him, would the FBI still have gone in and snatched some stuff out? We hope The American people have had enough of this, it has just gone too darn far. Chuck wants to throw his shoe at the TV when we keep hearing the Left say they are “protecting Democracy” while weaponizing wings of the government.

Mark welcomes in our guest Matthew DePerno – who is running for Attorney General in the state of Michigan. He is running against another George Soros employees named Dana Nessel. Nessel is using everything in her power to go after her opponent – by using the LAW. She is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate him and try to get him arrested and taken out of the race. Matthew starts off and tells us about him and how his sitting opponent is trying to go after him legally instead of the voting booth.

Companies are leaving Michigan including auto because they are saying the government is broken and can be weaponized against people. After Dana Nessel leaked confidential documents to the news, she’s been conducting this investigation using taxpayer funds that will benefit her campaign. She has been shopping this case to friendly prosecutors in Oakland County. She is trying AGAIN to weaponize her office and position. She will not back down, even at the discouragement of people around her.


Tenth Amendment
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


Matthew DePerno was born in Warren and raised in Troy, Michigan. He moved to Kalamazoo Michigan in 1995 after law school, where he currently resides with his wife of 25 years, Laura and their two dogs Toby and Kodak. Matt and Laura have three wonderful children who are all current or former students at Michigan State University (MSU). Natalie DePerno, 23, graduated with an accounting degree from MSU. Anthony DePerno, 21, is majoring in Supply Chain Management at MSU and is expected to graduate this Spring, 2022. Samantha DePerno, 19, began her sophomore year at MSU this past Fall, 2021.

Matt attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1994, he received his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and the following year his Master’s in Taxation Law (LL.M.) from New York University School of Law. After practicing law as a partner at a large law firm for 10 years, Matthew opened his own law practice in 2005, DePerno Law, PLLC. He has been defending America’s constitutional civil liberties for over 25 years. His wife, Laura, is a registered nurse and has and has experience in medical/surgical, transplant, cardiology, outpatient oncology, and trauma critical care.

In November 2020, Antrim County resident, William Bailey, hired Matthew to represent him in his lawsuit against Antrim County and the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, to conduct his own audit of the November general election irregularities in Antrim County. Matthew and his team captured forensic images of the Dominion Voting machines and conducted forensic analyses of those images to fully understand the errors and inconsistencies in the voting process and tabulation procedures prior to, during, and after the 2020 general election. Matthew has published 21 legal reports based on his findings from the forensic audit. Matt’s reports can be found at

For months, Matthew has tried to take his findings to the Michigan Legislature, asking for their support in demanding a Statewide full forensic audit, to no avail. Michiganders deserve more from their elected officials, and as American Citizens, our constitutional right to ensure fair, free, and secure elections.

Matthew has been fighting against tyranny in Michigan for many years, including protesting across the state against Whitmer and Nessel’s unconstitutional mask mandates, school and business lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and critical race theory. Matthew has been attacked many times from elected officials, including current Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, but he has not backed down.

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