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COVID & The Lies Ep. 615

Today’s show rundown:

  • Mark & Chuck have great news from the CDC today – cleaning surfaces appears to be garbage. Contracting COVID from a surface is over 1 in 10,000.
  • Of all the people living in London 54.7% of them already have COVID19 antibodies – which means we have been locked down for nothing.
  • People were vilified if you spoke out against false info about COVID
  • The Truth is – there is no way that Mark has not been exposed to this virus 25 times in the last year & a half
  • Stupidity is a super spreader when it comes to getting on an airplane
  • Mark has never been a fan of Boycotts – but it is about time we started letting CEOs know it’s time to stop just going along with the narrative
  • Chuck is done with Coke – and we all need to be heard with our dollars
  • Liberalism has sucked the fun out of Sports, Comedy, everything it comes into contact with.
  • Mark mentions Speakpipe – asking listeners go to Speakpipe and leave us a message
  • Mark story about Chuck and airport security and autographs
  • Mark believes the Left’s spending bill is to collapse the economy, Chuck weighs in on that opinion
  • Mark explains the math behind inflation
  • Janet Yellen has come out and said that she has a solution for Joe Biden – calling for a globalist minimal tax rule all 200 nations committing to a minimum corporate tax
  • MLB / Voter ID in Georgia / hypocrisy / they just moved the All-Star game to a Cracker Barrell
  • Elections need to be state by state where the states decide who they want. Not a Popular vote of the entire country.  We have 50 Democracies, and the country is a Republic.
  • Trump was the purest of heart president we have had since Regan, and he was the most hated by the Left
  • Manufactured crises keep the people’s attention while the Left’s real agenda goes unchecked.
  • China has the power and the money, and they are driving the world, and where we go

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