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Dark Truths about The Vaccine – w/ Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Lynn and Dr. Chris – Ep. 827

On Today’s Episode –

We meet our guests and jump right in to the topic. How the Government literally changed the definition of Vaccine to mean more of what a therapeutic used to do. Looks at the Moderna and Phizer in what they are registered as “Gene Therapeutic” companies. This is to get around regulatory scrutiny that they would be under if they were actually a vaccine company. We went from “the vaccine will prevent you from getting COVID, to you can’t transfer it if you are on the vaccine, to you might get it and it just won’t be severe, all the way to if you get the vaccine, you are more likely to get COVID.

We have excesses deaths in young groups of people, but they say “we know its not the Vaccine” even though some of the data is showing hmmmmm…could it be the DNA we injected into all these people. Even if you tested negative for COVID when you went into a hospital during the Epidemic, they classified you as “presumptive COVID”.

The Doctors think that WE killed more people with the Vaccine that COVID did itself. We are now seeing excess deaths, in younger people, NON COVID deaths, starting in 2021, and all they can say…is that researchers are baffled. This is only possible if you blinded by corrupt corporations or governments and their lies. They hid data and potential risks to people and never showed a double-blind placebo study that these people can make any claim that one shot saved one life.

Tune in for all the conversation.

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