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Death by 1000 Cuts (Election Fraud) – an Interview with Jenna Ellis – Ep. 625

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with Jenna Ellis about Election Fraud

Today’s show rundown:

  • Chuck has a question – are we still in a pandemic
  • Who is going to tell us it is over? What’s the deal
  • The Flu is so down much right now
  • Fauci / some cities want mask wearing permanent
  • Transgender Olympics – what do you think
  • Chuck can’t get enough Dr. Phil
  • Mark introduces Jenna Ellis / some of her past
  • Washington DC is a bunch of problem creators
  • Jenna calls Washington the Emperor with no clothes
  • Mark & Chuck & Jenna talk about voting for Trump, and what they thought about in the primaries
  • Jenna tells a story about President Trump meeting her Father.
  • HR1 – biggest threat facing America right now
  • Jenna talks about what SHOULD have happened during the 2020 Election issue w/fraud
  • Chuck says that the Elite’s in the Republican Party didn’t even want Trump
  • The Republican party ISN’T Conservative any more
  • Don’t get blinded by the Optics in the media – we need a purge in Washington
  • The Left hates that their obligation is to protect OUR rights


Jenna Ellis is a constitutional law attorney, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society, Newsmax contributor, and host of “Just The Truth” TV on Real America’s Voice and Just The News podcast. She is also the author of “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution,” which received international acclaim as a vital commentary on American legal philosophy and was showcased at the London Book Fair in 2016. Ms. Ellis served as the senior legal adviser to the Trump 2020 Campaign, a Trump Advisory Board Member, and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump. A Colorado native and evangelical Christian, she previously taught the legal studies program and founded the award-winning moot court program as a professor at Colorado Christian University. Ms. Ellis holds a B.A. in technical journalism and a J.D. from the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law.


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