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Democracy at Risk, How Words Can Matter – Ep. 688

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck says we are at the point now, where the new fascists will be the anti-fascists. We have an interesting government, claiming that the Right are fascists…when in fact it is clearly the Left. It’s a game of hate – trying to take away everyone’s freedoms and rights. As long as people keep voting for this, you are going to keep getting it.

New York and California moving in reverse, what could be more fascist than telling people they must inject themselves with something. The real vaccine is called Omicron, contagions, but NOT lethal. That is Nature’s vaccine to this virus. Chuck has had conversations with people recently, and it is like talking to a wall, they aren’t even interested in listening.

Mark believes the reason for all this Democracy talk is the Left leaning into the preconceived notion that we are a Democracy…which is MOB RULE. But we are not a Democracy, we are a Republic…its right there in The Pledge of Allegiance. A State is a Democracy. We as a Country are a Constitutional Republic. This is why they are saying Democracy will be dead.


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