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Democrats Accuse God of Being a Rapist – Episode 386

Chuck and Mark have plenty to talk about on today’s show and cover some of the recent key issues. They start off by discussing the recent claims from a college professor that God raped Mary. The guys look at the bigger picture of this ridiculous claim; they consider how the left attacks everything, including any traditions that do not help their agenda. Chuck explains the loss of faith in our nation and others.

Mark moves the conversation by joking that the left should love Santa Claus because he goes house to house giving away free stuff. Socialism is replacing Christianity throughout the world, and we are on pace to look like Europe.

They discuss the latest on the Mueller with hunt and how we have bigger issues in our government than anything President Trump could have possibly done. Mark explains why the recent claims of violations cannot be proven and why the deep state is trying to make President Trump un-electable in 2020.

Also, they discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s threats towards Don Jr., Warren’s early 2020 downfall, and the possibility of “Beto” running in 2020.

Chuck and Mark finish up by laughing at the Clintons’ tour tickets being sold at huge discounts and the lack of value anyone could receive from attending their event. Mark brings up the possibility that Hillary hoped to announce a 2020 run on the last day of their tour. They also discuss that most of the deep state Republicans are really Democrats and wouldn’t mind if Hillary ran again.

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