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Didn’t Biden say he Was the Great Uniter? – Ep. 756

Today’s show rundown:

How much of a mess can the Democrats create and blame it on the republicans? Mid terms are close, and Biden is making speeches in front of his red wall with Marines flanking him. How can you have screwed up the country these past 2 years, but claim that anyone who voted for Trump is a terrorist. Biden mentioned Maga Republicans 13 times. There is polling data telling The Left they need to keep Trump in the news. If they keep Trump top of people’s mind, they have nothing without Trump.

If the Democrats will lie to us about Jan 16th, and how Maga Republicans killed multiple people…what will they NOT lie to you about. They re trying to portray the term conservative as radical…this makes no sense…conservatives by definition want to maintain…not change. The Maga Republicans are not a danger to this country, they are a danger to the Democrats. These crazy left people are saying that it was the Republicans that closed down the schools for voting / during the election, and it was them who opened everything back up.

The Democratic Party is betting on two things….one – that you are stupid, and two – that you will take the information the main stream media feeds you, and believe it is truth. They really think you are stupid. The Judges order from the Mar a Lago raid says that Biden is the one who had requested the documents in question, but didn’t Biden tell us he found out about raid on TV like the ret of us? Mark takes us back to the COVID Vaccine – from the 2nd month that COVID was on the radar we at BFT have said there would not be a vaccine.

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