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Do the Right Thing – An Interview with Chief James Craig – Episode 606

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark talk with The Detroit Chief of Police James Craig.

Today’s show rundown:

  • Defund the police – who wants this, the community doesn’t actually want this
  • Stopping conversation, no more debating or talking to eachother
  • Good administrators not standing up to support good cops. More talk of Portland “summer of love” Police Officers were not allowed to conduct a proper investigation.
  • NYC – the Mayor is not supportive of his Police Department. Crime is up in all major cities.  Magical in Detroit – Mayor stood up with Chief in support of Police Officer doing RIGHT.
  • Portland – Federal troops brought in to defend buildings – city caved in Fed Troops go home – moving out agents would restore order – the exact opposite happened.
  • Chief OWNS that DPD isn’t perfect, but they are transparent, he is all for admitting mistakes, calling something criminal if it is. Expectation that Cops should know difference between right and wrong
  • Technology is totally helping to catch criminals – facial recognition –
  • No one wants to talk about the victims when talking about defunding police or prisons
  • Reasonable people want to sit down and negotiate, not just eliminate police and prisons…people want to destroy cities 1 by 1, destroy the constitution, destroy the country.
  • The people deserve the Truth – media today / social media has so much power – they can set the tone, the truth, etc


More about Chief James Craig:

Chief James Craig came to Detroit after serving in the same post in the Cincinnati Police Department for two years.  Previously, he spent two years as chief of the Portland Police Department in Maine.  A native Detroiter, Chief Craig started his police career here in the City in 1977.  After a downsizing of the Detroit Police Department, he joined the Los Angeles police force and remained there for 28 years.

Connect with Chief James Craig:


Twitter: @ChiefJECraigDPD



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