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Dr. Daniel Amen – Episode 122

Dr. Daniel Amen is the special guest on this episode of Blunt Force Truth. Chuck Woolery and Mark Young preface their discussion with some blunt truths about health care now and in the future, then they invite Dr. Amen with his extensive knowledge of the brain and its functions to the podcast.

Dr. Amen talks about the indiscriminate use of psychiatric medications by medical doctors, even when there are many more natural options for keeping a healthy body and brain. Dr. Amen began looking for alternatives to medications early in his career by diagnosing his patients through brain imaging. He discovered he was able to learn more about psychological conditions by examining scans of the actual organ. This has helped him better treat his patients with a more thorough understanding of their specific conditions and more appropriate treatment courses.

On the show, they discuss a number of common illnesses; including Alzheimer’s, attention deficit disorder and depression, addressing how many doctors are diagnosing and treating them incorrectly. Amen stresses his philosophy that you can make your brain better, rather than just coping with your dysfunction, through healthier practices and proper treatment.

Dr. Amen is a double board-certified psychiatrist, known as “America’s most popular psychiatrist.” He currently has 6 clinics throughout the United States, where his methods are used to treat mood disorders with a multidisciplinary approach, considering the many influences on an individual.

Dr. Amen is the host of PBS’s popular program, “On the Psychiatrist’s Couch,” as well as the author of multiple books about health and the brain, including the newly revised Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Visit for more information on his work and to take free health assessments.

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