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Environmental Social Governance Explained – Ep. 798

On Today’s Episode –

Chuck has figured it out – we keep hearing about “Trump Judges” – these are not Trump Judges; they are McConnell Judges.  You have these guys in place who are anti trump, establishment guys just like McConnell is.  Mark says that there are a lot of judges, and trump appointed a lot of them, but there is no way that Trump knew them all.

Mark and Chuck were talking over the weekend about ESG.  Blackrock is very interested in this, millions of dollars in pensions.  ESG is Environmental Social Governance – which means corporation have a responsibility to the world that exceeds profitability.  That the pursuit of profit is immoral.  Where did this ESG come from???  Funny it comes out of the world economic forum and our old buddy Claus Schwab.  When a company is pursuing ESG, they are pursuing saving the planet, racial justice, LGBTQIA over profitability.

Most of the big banks are in line with ESG.  They will not give loans out to businesses that are not ESG compliant.  Companies and investors like Blackrock will not invest if you are not ESG compliant.  The premise of the World Economic Forum is that like a small, enlightened group of people need to make all the decisions for the whole world.

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