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Everyone is Racist- Episode 397

On today’s episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark dive into the controversy between the Covington Catholic High School students and a Native American activist. They also talk about the stream of violent threats through social and mainstream media directed towards these students, who are technically minors in a court of law.

Chuck and Mark move into discussing the issues caused by the liberal media misinforming citizens and people relying on late night talk show hosts for news. They chat about how, although most people see past the absurdity of it all, many are still drawn in by the “loudest voice” in today’s media.

They continue today’s show by discussing how we are losing certain aspects of our republic. Chuck explains why using the term “democracy” to describe our nation is both destructive to our founding principles, and a prime example of the Left controlling the terminology used by our citizens.

Next, they chat about last weekend’s Women’s March and why it took place. They also explain how the Women’s March has been infiltrated with hate groups that are not truly in support of women’s equality.

They finish out the show with the topic of President Trump’s continuing fight of the Constitution and rights of American citizens. They compare how the Democratic agenda pushes for gun control while continuing to fight a border wall that will allegedly do the same.


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