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FBI Leadership Can Not Right This Ship – an Interview with Jeff Danik – Ep. 751

Today’s show rundown:

Today we have brought our friend Jeff Danik back on. He is a 28 year veteran of the FBI (see bio below). Jeff was in a supervisory role in Palm Beach Florida – where he is sitting today is about a mile away from Mar-a-Lago itself. Jeff is an FBI badass – Chuck Woolery on the other hand is feared by fish everywhere. Why didn’t Mar-a-Lago get raided by the Palm Beach FBI – instead of bringing all DC FBI? Federal Search warrants for the most part – have to be issued by a federal judge in the district where the property to be searched is located.

August 5th was when this case first popped. Was the DOJ working with the magistrate – did they give some other pre-trial solution? There didn’t seem to be any pre trial approach to the judge for contact on this case besides just giving them the affidavit. Dozens of news media personnel companies trying to get things unsealed. The men and women in law enforcement deal with lots of people who are reprobates, uninformed, ticked off people. It’s easy to flex your muscles and be the authoritarian tough guy. It is far harder to be empathetic and gain their trust – to get to the guts of the real issue. That said, what is making people so angry about this Mar-a-Lag raid? It has a lot to do with the arrogance of the legal professions.

We keep being told we can NOT question our Government. You can not shine a light on anything they are doing now days, and people are getting angry about it. What can we do now? Chuck says it is up to us to set it straight. What specific action needs to be taken though. Thats what we need to focus on. We need to start holding people responsible for their actions. Why did Merrick Garland not trust the office down in Palm Beach County.

An FBI leader, whose diverse twenty-eight-year career, with significant experience across all FBI Program lines, distinguishes him from his peers.

White Collar Crime: Having been a CPA with Big Four experience, after joining the FBI I became a recognized expert in investigating complex financial crimes across all FBI programs especially banking and stock/securities fraud, money laundering, government fraud, public corruption, and health care.

Violent Crime: As a violent crime investigator, he indicted suspects in bank robberies, multinational/gang drug cases, attempted murder cases, major theft, kidnapping and extortion cases and successfully led the hunt for fugitives.

Terrorism: As a terrorism agent, investigated numerous terror organizations worldwide and as an FBI terrorism supervisor, was part of a small team that designed the gold standard online terrorism threat tracking tool used by all U.S. Intelligence Community partners.

Overseas deployments: Served overseas in lengthy key assignments in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Ethiopia (Horn of Africa) where he was the primary contact between those countries and the FBI. Danik also was the primary recruiter for the FBI’s prestigious National Academy to obtain students from these countries.

Instructing: I have extensive teaching credentials having been certified as a General Police Instructor, and International Police Instructor. I have conducted training on behalf of the FBI in Moscow and Chelyabinsk Russia, Botswana Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Skopje, Macedonia, Rome, Italy and several cities throughout the United States.

Undercover: As a member of the FBI’s Undercover Program, I conceived, staffed and lead numerous sensitive FBI undercover operations. Examples are Operation Lack of Memory resulting in convictions of elected officials; Operation Farmhouse Cantina resulting in the conviction of dozens of gang members for drug, weapon and human trafficking violations; Operation Blind Justice resulting in the conviction of twelve law enforcement officers; Operation Sledgehammer resulting in the conviction of over 100 defendants in an insurance fraud scheme and which received the prestigious FBI Director’s Award for Fraud Prevention in 2015. I was awarded an FBI Director’s Commendation Award for an undercover role I played resulting in the conviction of multiple defendants. I participated as an adjunct evaluator in the Undercover Agent Certification School.

Supervision: I’m in a rare group of FBI supervisors who have been assigned as an Acting Special Agent-in-Charge of both a major white-collar crime branch and of a major violent crime branch. I was an FBI supervisor for seven years where I led highly successful violent crime squads, white-collar crime squads and terrorism units.

Tactical Operation experience: I’ve designed, significantly assisted with planning, or approved numerous armed and dangerous arrest or search warrant operational plans. I was routinely assigned breach duties on arrest operations early in my career and was a recognized leader in developing the crucial intelligence needed for personnel to safely execute dangerous arrests. During an Undercover investigation, with SWAT personnel from a local agency, over the course of two years, I participated in the planning of numerous operations where armed, violent gang members were arrested. I have multiple tactical driving school certificates including pursuit driving, evasive driving, roadblock set-up, roadblock recognition and penetration, pit maneuver training and armored vehicle evasive driving. I have basic and advanced Surveillance Detection Route training and experience and either led or significantly participated in several diplomatic convoys moving high-ranking U.S. and foreign diplomats safely through foreign countries. I was the in-country coordinator for the FBI Director’s Security detail on an official visit to a high threat country.

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