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FreeSpace – an interview with John Willis – Ep. 672

Today’s show rundown:

All we heard from the media during Trumps presidency, was that there was chaos everywhere….just all the time, but we know that lots of good things were accomplished during his administration, Chuck wonders WHAT has been accomplished so far by the Biden Administration? Mark says – lots has been accomplished, if the goal is to destroy this country, they have done quite a bit. Look at how they wait until the cover of night to move all these illegal immigrants from Texas to New York.

The Left are professionals at changing the narrative. The Afghanistan retreat, inflation, CRT, all of these things, the Left Spins in a way that sounds like they are the greatest wins ever. People who have opted to NOT get the vaccine are looking smarter and smarter, with the continued research being done about lasting effect of the Vaccine, and RNA, and the misinformation we have been fed by our government. RSV is on the rise, it is now becoming common in adults. It started this summer, when RSV never breaks out. Some experts believe that the vaccine which is altering our DNA, could be making us less immune to other diseases. But wait…there is good news…3 drug companies, Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna have all announced that they are in phase 3 clinical trials for their NEW vaccine for wait for it…RSV.

We are introduced to our guest John Willis, who is the CEO and co-founder of a new social media platform FreeSpace. FreeSpace was created in Feb of 2021. It was a response to what they were seeing from Big Tech, and the censorship, and the documentary called The Social Dilemma, all these reasons the FreeSpace team decided to do their own thing. FreeSpace does not want to be the next Parlor, they are looking to be a new type of social media platform.


Jon Willis is a proud father, husband, 6th generation Arizonan, commercial real estate broker, serial philanthropist, part-time comedian, and executive of several companies across multiple industries. At the age of 18, Jon obtained his real estate license and joined his family office that focuses on real estate brokerage, development and investment. He quickly achieved success by selling hundreds of millions worth of commercial real estate assets as well as assisting in the development of several multi-hundred million dollar projects over his 22 years is the business. Jon was also recognized as one of Arizona’s top real estate instructors and public speakers in that field.

Jon later leveraged his expansive skill set, business acumen, and networking capabilities to expand into the marketing world. Jon became the CEO of Matchstick Media (Phoenix, AZ), a premiere digital marketing agency that specializes in brand strategy, viral campaigns, driving massive traffic, and innovative hyper-targeted marketing techniques. His digital marketing agency has worked with several notable companies, National brands, organizations, and influencers to scale their brands to new heights and achieve incredible returns on investment.

Jon now concurrently serves the positions of President at Skylab Apps, Inc. (Frisco, TX) as well as the Co-Founder and CEO at Freespace Social, a new social media platform that celebrates independent thought and free-flowing information as the cornerstone of a peaceful, healthy and unified society. Jon’s unmatched energy, personal connections, and killer instincts have brought a fresh spark to the Skylab team that will help the company achieve even more success as we expand into new verticals. As CEO of Freespace, Jon aims to create a platform that allows people to “Think It, Say It, Achieve It.”

In addition to growing his businesses, Jon has dedicated much of his time serving on the board of directors of several reputable charities including non-profit political organizations, faith-based groups, anti-sex trafficking abolitionist efforts, and more.

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