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Getting Back to the New Normal – Episode 517

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark jump right into discussing the coronavirus models. They share their thoughts on how we should be handling China and how to make them pay for the economic damage they have caused the United States.

Chuck and Mark continue by explaining why WHO is the posterchild for globalism. They explain why we do not need to be part of WHO and how the coronavirus should be a wakeup call for our exit. They also point out WHO’s close ties with the Chinese government and how we have seen them echoing that government.

Next, they address the importance of getting our economy opened back up. They explain the impact of shutting down the economy and why it worsens every day the shutdown continues. Chuck and Mark also explain why stimulus checks will likely create an economic disaster of their own.

Wrapping up, Chuck and Mark touch on how the stay-at-home orders across the country could lead to people being institutionalized in their homes. They discuss the issues that could arise between President Trump and state governors if the President chooses to reopen the economy.


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