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Government Power and Authority Expansion – with Guest Host Nick Giordano Ep. 716

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck lets us know that our Co-Host today is Nick Giordano who is filling for us again. Chuck watches a-lot of the news, CNN, Fox, all of them – the thing that is amazing to Chuck, is that if you look back in history, every major city, LA, NYC, when the republicans run these cities, they thrive, they are safe, and all people do is complain about it. Democrats constantly live in crisis, which is where they can promote socialism. Trump comes in, and he isn’t interested in Government in the state, he was interested in the American People. It is sad to Chuck that we keep re-electing these failed Democrat politicians.

Over the course of the last 6-70 years, Nick believes that Government power has expanded exponentially. Chuck agrees, and as the Progressives have moved in, as this power and authority expanded – have they solved problems or are there more problems today than ever before? How clear is it that Biden has come in and reversed all of Trmup’s policies, and we are in a worse situation now than before Trump was in office. Trump is a deal maker, Democrats could have gotten alot out of him, but they hated him so much they never even got to that point.

The Left is trying to drive this gender theory message to children who do not even know what they are talking about. Nick thinks 70 percent of The Left would agree with him in that this type of thing should NOT be being taught to children this young. These crazy people want children to take hormone blockers and puberty blockers. Society has been turn on its head over the last 10 years. The abnormal is now normalized, and the Media and Hollywood pushes this stuff everywhere.



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