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How Race Is Being Used as an Excuse – An Interview with Derryck Green – Episode 479

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark are joined by Derryck Green, a member of Project 21 and a faculty member at Prager University.

Chuck and Mark kick off today show by asking Derryck about his thoughts on President Trump’s willingness to fight back. Derryck explains why the President’s stance should inspire other to do the same, including fighting back against the media.

They continue their conversation by getting Derryck’s thoughts on our nation’s race relations and the media’s role in furthering the divide. Derryck explains why the downfall of the black church and government’s involvement in keeping fathers out of the home is responsible for many issues within the black community.

They also discuss how affirmative action is benefitting immigrants coming here legally. Legal immigrants are coming to the United States and becoming more successful, regardless of race. Derryck explains how black immigrants are taking advantage of the programs that American blacks call racist.


More about Derryck Green:

Derryck Green is a political commentator, writer, and a member of Project 21 – a National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.

His work has been featured and cited in a number of media outlets, including Townhall, The American Spectator, NBC, The Daily Caller, The American Conservative, CQ Researcher and many newspapers across the United States.

He’s also a faculty member at Prager University and his course, “Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals,” has over one million unique views across several social media platforms.

Derryck has earned his Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his doctorate in Theology and Spiritual Leadership with a concentration in Identity Formation from Azusa Pacific University.

Connect with Derryck Green:


Twitter: @DerryckGreen

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