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How the Progressive Left has Begun to Destroy our Nation – Episode 371

Chuck and Mark are discussing a wide range of topics, as today’s show was recently streamed live. The guys start off by discussing Nikki Haley’s resignation and take a few questions from viewers about the situation. Chuck leads into the media making claims and speculating on stories like Haley’s resignation. They discuss how the liberal media has caused viewers to change their minds about situations.

They continue by discussing the left’s destruction of civility and how the Kavanaugh hearings were an example of social changes created by the left. They touch on the issues surrounding false accusations and the left’s double standards.

The guys answer a few more questions and expand specifically on the chance of civility making come back in society. Their explanations cover other social changes that have been pushed by the left.

Chuck and Mark discuss the left’s claims of deaths that will happen from events or issues that do not follow their agenda. They talk about how these claims add drama and grab the attention of the Democrats that do not follow politics very closely.

They finish up the show by answering a few more viewer questions and talk about how the Democrats have always had the same agenda. Chuck explains what Democrats’ goal is and why it is so important to fight it.

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