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Hypno-tising – the Secrets and Science of Ads That Sell More – Ep. 685

Today’s show rundown:

Mark starts out talking about his newly released book – Hypno-ti$ing. He gives us a brief overview of some of the things you can learn from this book and asks for all the listeners to help him get this Book on the Best Seller’s list. Right now, you can go to Amazon and get a digital copy for only .99 cents. See the Link below

Chuck has decided to do something contrary to normal responses. Chuck has decided to continue to talk about what is going on, but in a different fashion. He is going to start praying for his enemies, he is going to ask God to help these people and release some of the stress he has been feeling as of late.

The Left is so angry, even when they get their way, they remain mad, angry, and just unhappy. The Democratic party is no longer the Democratic Party, it is The Socialist Party. Look at all of these people who lean towards communism and socialism, who are embedded in that party. They want all the power; they think the Government should have ALL the Power.

Dr. Mark Young’s new book, Hypno-tising – the secrets and science of ads that sell more, comes out Tuesday, December 12th.

This book asks

What if you could create advertising that’s so compelling, so hypnotic, that it motivates consumers to make an immediate change in their behavior to buy your product or service?
In HYPNO-TI$ING: The Secrets & Science of Ads That Sell More, you’ll learn how to do that, and much more.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or you just want to understand the science and psychology behind why human beings make the choices they make, elevate your brand by ordering HYPNO-TI$ING today.

Get Mark’s Book here –

e-Book on Amazon for .99 Cents –

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