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If You Tell a Big Lie Often Enough – an interview with Bart Marcois – Ep. 673

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck was watching his television this morning and he realized that everyone is commanded and or is bowing to China. After spreading COVID through out the world, these olympics coming up, China is laying down all these rules about what you can and cant do in government, and industry, at such a rapid pace. No one wants to get on the wrong side of china. How is it that so many people feel like China should pay for what they have done, but no one in D.C. seems to feel this way. Are the people in Washington on the Chinese Payroll.

Biden’s stance on China launching hypersonic missiles was “We welcome the competition”? I mean really, this is our President, saying that he welcomes the fact that another country could blow up the world? What is this guy thinking? Joe Biden is “The Big Guy” getting 10% of 1.5 Billion investment in China, of course he welcomes whatever China does. Saule Omarova – Biden’s pick for Banking Watchdog, hates banks, is a Marxist, went to school in Moscow, was born in the USSR – and is notorious for hating banks, and this is who we are appointing to the Controller of Currency for this Country. What we have in Washington is just tons of “smiling cobras”.

The majority of Americans do NOT believe democrats are doing it right. You need to do more…besides voting, you need to sign up to be a poll watcher. Republicans tend to trust democrats, and democrats cheat elections. What we saw last year was just a bigger version of what they have been doing on a smaller scale for years. We need to STOP trusting them, and make sure the elections are held HONESTLY. States that are historically Democrat are about to flip, and so many of them are going to flip based on school boards and parents issues, not the economy.

Soros and China have been funding these far left candidates for years. He will pick a race where 100K is a money bomb, something like a district attorney or a school board member. He comes in and gives them 50K or 100K, and that person can advertise, and boom…they win – are on the school board. There are 2 days in early November on school calendars called “teacher work days” all this is is the teachers unions giving teachers free 4 day holidays where they can go door to door causing harm in elections.


More about Bart Marcois:

Bart Marcois is a retired career Foreign Service Officer and former senior official at the Energy Dept under Bush 43. He’s worked in the world of commercial trading and business intelligence, and speaks fluent Arabic and Dutch, and pretty lousy French and Spanish. He has been a volunteer or advisor on every GOP presidential campaign except McCain since he left the foreign service, but takes the most pride in working on the Trump campaign. He started working life as a laborer in the oil fields of Kern County, California, and can still sling a pipe wrench or grind out a weld as well as anyone out there.


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Russian Military Intelligence Penetration of NATO


Twitter: @bmarcois




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