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I’m the Boss! What Do You Think About That? – Episode 407

On this Episode of Blunt Force truth, Chuck and Mark start off by discussing the Oscars, especially Hollywood’s disconnect from the rest of society.

Mark leads their conversation into Bernie Sanders joining the Democrats for the 2020 race and his communist background that the left ignores. They discuss a recent study that shows the real price for the Green New Deal and the left’s constant ignorance of the costs of their policies.

They move into discussing the left’s attack on masculinity and femininity. They discuss how the left is working towards taking away individuality and pushing society towards a giant movement, which they compared to what communist China had gone through.

Also, Chuck shares a story about the first time he was introduced to John Wayne.

Next, they discuss how liberal progressives are never satisfied by changes that are made. They explain how the Green New Deal follows this pattern and is just another attempt for liberals to gain power by expanding taxes.

They finish up by touching on the Jussie Smollett case and a few other recent fake hate crime stories. They discuss the strides in our nation’s race relations that have been made and the disrespect shown to those who have been victim of real hate crimes.


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