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Inflation is not Normal, it is Man Made – Ep. 721

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck thinks that Mayorcas is changing America. The more they turn America into a 3rd world country, the more 3rd world people feel comfortable coming here. Biden is hosting a speech today about how he is going to defeat inflation. He is going to blame it on everybody BUT the real problem. They will just tax the rich, and gives out more money to the people. No where are they trying to address to core problem in the government right now. We have too much money chasing too few goods.

They are playing the communist game that Putin is. Blame everyone else for the problems you have causes, then just walk away. Mark goes into explaining, in simple terms what & how inflation works. Where do these people get this inflated money. Think about all the PPP money that was sent out to businesses. Think about all those checks that got sent out to people. Unemployment that was double and extended. We flooded the market with cash, and now we are dealing with the repercussions.

Russia and the Democrats – there is an incredible parallel between the two. Russia’s reason for going into a foreign country, is the exact same comment the Left is using to attack conservatives. Putin is also shutting down the oppositions voice. Biden is out there creating the ministry of truth for crying out loud. Led by a complete whack job who shares disinformation, this department is housed in Homeland Security.

Health Tip for today – Walking. Even 10 mins can increase longevity. 20-30 minutes can really help.


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