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Inflation & What’s Over the Horizon – An Interview With Michael Austin – Ep. 724

Today’s show rundown:

Chuck was listening, and has stats for Nick. How many vaccinated people died from COVID – 40 percent of the deaths from COVID were from people who were double vaccinated. Think about the amount of people who are double vexed / boosted – who STILL get COVID. The CDC is explaining about the people dying have 4 or more co-morbidities. It may sound cold, but were these people going to die this year anyways…it’s highly likely? Nick has never been stabbed and has never gotten COVID.

Between the constitutional violations, economic impacts, social impacts – the way our government handled COVID was NOT worth it. Emergency management rules of operation to do the least invasive actions get taken got thrown right out the window, we did the most asinine policies imaginable. It really come from the one size fits all Government mumbo jumbo.

Chuck introduces us to our guest to Michael Austin. Michael is home in Kansas, a free market economist, who has been on many shows in his career. If you define socialism in that you can tinker and force an economy, that Keynesian Economy. Michael goes on to explain some of the problem with Keynesian economists who believe they can fix things just end up making them worse. The guys talk about inflation and how things could be being done to fix this, but our politicians are more interested in photo ops and staying in government that fixing the problems. Michale believes a recession is indeed coming. Investors have been pulling money our of 2 year T bills and putting them in 10 year bills instead. Every time things like this happen, the US has entered a recession, this course correction is coming.

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