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Investigating the Investigators – An Interview with Jeff Danik – Episode 497

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Chuck and Mark are joined Jeff Danik. Jeff Danik had a very successful career with the FBI. He brings a wealth of knowledge on how the FBI operates and what is truly happening within the FBI.

Chuck and Mark kick off the show by asking Jeff for his thoughts on what has gone on and been revealed within the FBI over the past few years. Jeff explains how field agents are held to a much higher standard than upper management and how one mistake could ruin your career as a field agent.

They continue by discussing how agents move up in the FBI and why promotions do not attract the best candidates. Jeff explains what motivates individuals to advance past a field agent and the type of person who usually does.

They finish up by discussing the FISA courts and the process for getting a FISA approved. Jeff explains how the court was abused and how it is set up to not punish those who abuse it.

More about Jeff Danik:

Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jeff Danik retired after a diverse, twenty-eight-year career with the FBI. His assignments included as a Supervisor and Acting Watch Commander in the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Division, lengthy tours as the FBI representative to Saudi Arabia and in the Horn of Africa, as well as a two-year assignment as the FBI representative to Kuwait. He holds the unique distinction of serving as an Acting Assistant Agent-in-Charge of both a violent crime and a white-collar crime branch of a major FBI field office.

Danik supervised highly-successful FBI task force operations in both white-collar crime and violent crime programs. In his final assignment, he had numerous police officers and detectives assigned to him as Task Force Officers. His Task Forces became models recognized by FBI leadership as best practices to be implemented elsewhere in the FBI.

He served as a long-time FBI street agent in south Florida and was the lead investigator in kidnapping and bank robbery investigations, and, being a former Certified Public Accountant, Danik has an extensive, successful track record of significant federal investigations into stock fraud, public corruption, money laundering, healthcare fraud, government procurement fraud, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and financial institution fraud. He is responsible for convicting hundreds of 2 people of crimes and has been named an Outstanding Investigator of the Year on several occasions by the United States Attorney’s Office.

Danik has extensive experience with the FBI undercover program. He received an award from the FBI Director for his role as an undercover agent in a significant money laundering case and has led numerous FBI undercover investigations, one of which was recently awarded the prestigious Attorney General’s Award for Fraud Prevention.

Currently he is engaged on numerous criminal defense cases as a consultant related to reviewing and evaluating the strength and weaknesses of law enforcement investigations conducted against clients. Many attorneys have found his input crucial to constructing their client’s defense. He is a volunteer, pro-bono, court appointed Guardian-ad-Litem in Florida, representing abused and neglected children under the court’s supervision.

Danik also advises private companies on due-diligence, risk assessments, security and supply chain issues and he counts a major motion picture industry writer as a client. He is a Florida licensed private investigator.

Danik is often quoted by, or works with media outlets regarding FBI issues, including The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Intercept, local CBS affiliates, Sinclair Broadcasting and Judicial Watch. He has appeared on many live and recorded broadcast television programs and webcasts.

Danik graduated with Honors from the University of Memphis, served four years in the U.S. Air Force, served as an intern in the U.S. Senate, held a private pilot license and spent two years on staff with an international, “big-four”, CPA firm.

Connect with Jeff Danik:


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