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It is always about Control with The Left – Ep. 737

Today’s show rundown:

Every problem we have in this country are self inflicted wounds by the Democrats. People blame Biden, but in reality he is just complicit with what the Party is doing. They are for Government and NOT for the People. Do you think the focus of the Left was that the hatred for D. Trump was so intense, or do you think the goal was to destroy America? Chuck believes that they want to tear everything down and make our country ONLY for the Democratic Party.

These are not far left people in this party….this IS THE PARTY, they all are either part of it, or they support it. Many of the messages from the Left, you need to pay attention to the language, they change words and boom, you are the enemy. Anyone who believes in the Constitution is being labeled as being “radicalized”. Donald trump pulled back the veil on who they really are, and they have been empowered to reveal the real plans, total annihilation of what our Founding Fathers formed way back when.

Mark talks a bit about his recent Gettysburg trip and how it has been taken over by PC propaganda, no American flags anywhere. Chuck talks about Mansion and Sinema being the only 2 Democrat congress people who are partially within their right minds. We are 5 months away from flipping the House and Senate. The Left would need to pack the court and get rid of the filibuster in 4 months.

Health Minute – Simple Bio-Hacks that you can do that will massively increase your health and well being

Pray or meditate
Get outside in the sun / get out in nature
Eat real food – if the food you are eating can last for 5 years, its not real food
Control your weight and stop eating white stuff (flour, pasta, potatoes) – this converts to sugar
Just move, go for a walk, do something
Stop doing stupid things (like driving without a seatbelt, smoking, using Fentanyl

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