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It’s a New Year, We Could Use Some Optimism w/ Special Co-Host Nick Giordano – Ep. 778

Today’s show rundown:

Well, Mark and Chuck are both away today, but thankfully – we have Nick Giordano back to co-host BFT with Producer Matt U. The guys start out talking holidays and how things went for them. Nick gets into talking about Times Square in NYC for New Years and how gross it can be. People are wearing diapers down there all day and night. There was over a million people going down to Times Square as grown adults wearing diapers. But it is a new year, and hopefully there is some optimism out there.

We need to remember to stay grateful, it seems like the news is just bad news after bad news. Nick goes into some of the COVID stuff as it possible relates to young people dropping like flies. IS this something that is just getting more attention, or are we seeing an uptick in COVID related problems now that many people are vaccinated. We need to have studies done to see if there is relation to the vaccine and these cases we are seeing.

Before anything gets MANDATED, you better damn sure be sure that you know what you are doing. We could be seeing the consequences of what happens when you force something on a population without knowing what the lasting effects are. People were mandated to take the vaccine in some cases to continue to work and make money. We get a little more in COVID and what 2023 might look like.

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